Our Goal

The Task Force aims to examine the impact of IPv4 address exhaustion from the varying standpoints of the multiple players invloved in the provision of network systems (infrastructure providers, equipment vendors, system integrators, service providers, etc.), imparting the need for an industry-wide recognition of issues and consideration of countermeasures. WIthin this process we would like to continually emphasize the importance of the open sharing of information.
As a collaboration of Telecommunications and Internet-related Associations, the Task Force hopes to integrate the resources of our various member communities, actively working toward the smooth continuity of Internet-based business throughout the process of and following the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses.

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Action Items for the TF

Working Groups within the TF

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Organize Office

Task Force on IPv4 Address Exhaustion, Japan
(IPv6 Promotion Council Secretariat)
We have moved to the following address:
e-side, inc. Yokohama Branch
2F Keio Gijuku Kyoseikan
4-1-1 Hiyoshi Kohoku-ku, Yokohama
Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 223-8526 Japan
Tel: +81-45-534-3881 Fax: +81-45-534-3882

What's IPv4 Exhaution


  • ICT Education Promotion Council of Japan
  • IPv6 Promotion Council
  • Internet Association Japan
  • Communications and Information network Association of Japan
  • Association for Promotion of Public Local Information and Communication(APPLIC)
  • Local Authorities Systems Development Center (LASDEC)
  • Telecom Service Association
  • Telecommunications Carriers Association(TCA)
  • Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association
  • Japan Cable Laboratories
  • Japan Data Center Council
  • Japan Network Information Center
  • Japan Network Operators Group
  • Japan Network Security Association
  • Japan UNIX Society
  • Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.
  • Institute for HyperNetwork Society
  • WIDE Project
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

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